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Dining table upcycled by the Sheet Metals team

Why buy new when you can create something entirely unique by reinventing an existing piece of furniture. The process is called “upcycling” and this particular little project offered an exciting and creative outlet for our team.

We have taken an old timber-framed dining table and done a number on it to give it a new lease of life. Firstly we have made a new steel support frame and legs, and then added a steel trim around the table top.

Metal Fabrication Projects for Auckland's NorthWest Mall

Sheetmetals Ltd has contributed a range of metal fabrication projects to Auckland’s new NorthWest Shopping Centre.

With over 80 years of market presence, Sheetmetals Ltd specialises in providing stainless steel architecture and general metal works for a variety of industries in Auckland. As a leading provider of metal work services we proudly add NorthWest Shopping Centre to our portfolio of prestigious customers.

Wallace Construction gets brushed metal panelling in reception

Sheetmetals Ltd has recently completed a bold new reception area for Wallace Construction's head office in Takanini, Auckland

Here is an exciting new Pic-Perf cladding product we have used in Onehunga bay.

Stonefields Altera Apartments have made a bold statement with their balusters.