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The Goat Island Marine Reserve at Leigh is recognised both locally and internationally as a significant research site. Covering just 5km's of coastline, it averages about 300 000 visitors a year.

Located at Goat Island, the Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre was designed and purpose-built to provide an opportunity for the Leigh Marine Laboratory to showcase its research to visitors.

Given it's spectacular beach location, the architects of the Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre were tasked with designing a structure that would capture the serenity of the area, while still attracting visitors.

The fit-out of the interior of the Discovery Centre was left to inventive architect, Rick Pearson of Pearson and Associates. If you've visited the Discovery Centre, you'll have noticed the sophisticated framework structure that holds the displays and exhibitions.

Working with Rick Pearson, Sheetmetals Ltd were contracted to manufacture these floor to ceiling stainless steel box sections to form a series of frameworks, that would have a two-fold purpose.

Firstly, the frames would guide and direct visitors through the displays and exhibitions, and secondly, they would provide a means of easily mounting the information panels, allowing for maximum flexibility.

The team at Sheetmetals Ltd was thrilled to play a part in the innovative design and layout of displays and exhibitions at the Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre.