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Sheetmetals Ltd has contributed a range of metal fabrication projects to Auckland’s new NorthWest Shopping Centre.

With over 80 years of market presence, Sheetmetals Ltd specialises in providing stainless steel architecture and general metal works for a variety of industries in Auckland. As a leading provider of metal work services we proudly add NorthWest Shopping Centre to our portfolio of prestigious customers.

We have provided metal fabrication services to 18 stores in the NorthWest Shopping Centre, inaugurated on October 1, 2015 in Auckland. NorthWest Shopping Centre has an area of over 27,000m2 and includes approximately 100 specialty retail stores including food, coffee, wine, clothing and accessories retailers.

Our task was to manufacture a wide range of metal works from design specifications supplied by each of the 18 retailers. With the drawings in hand our team had to come up with a plan to deliver the finished articles.

It goes without saying; building a shopping mall is a complex undertaking. As one cog in a very large machine, our team had to work around a number of other contractors, and them around us. Before we could even begin work we had to wait for the stores to become available from the main contractor.

With launch date swiftly approaching our guys were working 15-16 hours days to meet deadlines. We must thank our suppliers for providing their services with very short lead times.

At times we were required to provide design alterations to overcome practical challenges with the initial designs. Often these were decisions made on the fly so as not to halt the fit out’s progress.

See below for galleries of some of the work completed:

Food Crew: A powder coated mesh in front of the shop with a sliding gate was provided.

Kastubi: Copper plated shelves and light pendants were provided for this store. Also provided were polished mild steel SHS frames, which are copper plated and clear powder coated.

Kebabs Istanbul: A mild steel display frame with a copper range hood cladding was installed.

Hallensteins: A powder coated aluminium tread plate was done in front of this clothing store.

Pagani: Polished stainless steel cladding to aluminium was installed in front of the shop.