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It's not every day we get to work in such gorgeous surroundings. At a recent project in Eastern Beach, the team from Sheetmetals Ltd were contracted to work on creating and fitting the cladding on the outside of this house.

Moving away from traditional cladding like Titan Boards, Alucobond and Weatherboard, this client requested a contemporary design that would fit the overall look and feel of the home. Using T316 Stainless Steel, which is the most appropriate stainless steel for sea coast climates, Sheetmetals Ltd installed the cladding panels on various levels of this home.

Stainless Steel is 100% recyclable and environmentally neutral, making it a highly sustainable exterior cladding option. It's also corrosion resistant which was a major priority for this beachside home. Because of its superior durability, Stainless Steel often costs less in the long run than most other cladding materials.

In determining the finish for these Stainless Steel panels we considered a number of factors, the most important being it's reflective glare. In order to create a visually striking effect, the client originally requested a mirror finish. But, because the panels were so highly reflective, to the point of magnifying the sun's rays, they posed a serious fire hazard. As a result, each panel was rubbed down to create a uniform satin finish on the outside.

As work on the project progressed, the team from Sheetmetals took on the task of creating a Stainless Steel vehicle and pedestrian gate for the entry to the property. Additional work included manufacturing and fitting the Stainless Steel deck handrails and outdoor balustrading, as well as the internal balustrade with timber handrail.

The work has been completed and the overall effect is a striking design that fits the style of the home.