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Perforated sheet metal panels to create a decorative facade


Sheetmetals Ltd is based in a purpose-built facility in Mt Wellington Auckland. Our 1,700m2 office, factory complex and dedicated inventory storage warehouse paired with 6,000m2 of yard space, allows us to offer some of New Zealand’s most current and innovative machinery and equipment including:

TruPunch 5000

The most modern and efficient punch in New Zealand. It can punch up to 1,600 strokes per minute and mark parts with 2,800 strokes per minute.

The CNC automated punch can process sheet size and thicknesses:

  • Sheet sizes up to 4,000mm * 1,500mm including punching oversize sheets 1,800mm wide by rotating the sheets


Sheet Thickness

  • Aluminium up to 8.00mm

  • Mid Steel up to 6.00mm

  • Stainless Steel up to 4.00mm

Sheetmetals Ltd holds a wide range of tools for the TruPunch and have our own in-house Quicksharp tool sharpening capability.

Press Brakes

25 tonne up to 5.1m and 160 tonne 4.8m

General Fabrication

We have a strategic relationship with Ashworth & Taylor in respect to reciprocal CNC laser cutting and TruPunch work. Ashworth & Taylor operate CNC laser technology across a wide range of materials and thickness.


A variety of MIG and TIG welders.

Inventory storage

We hold a store of commonly used inventory allowing project confidence and robust supply chain for our projects and clients.


A vast variety of specific plant required to meet customer requirements including Guillotine and Rolling up to 2.4m.

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